To order, please call Sue Chin
925 372 7177
400 Ferry St.,Martinez, CA 94553

Sue's Acorn Bread is a great blend of North American tradition with a Korean twist. Sue is a from South Korea and she lives a healthy lifestyle with health concious food and regular exercise.

At Sues' Acorn Cafe, the acorns are hand selected, peeled, cleaned and ground by Sue. The making and preparing of the acorn flour is a labor intensive process. Acorn in Korean is dotori

The acorn flour is available for your convenience:
Sue's acorn flour is ready to be used for cakes, bread, biscotti and muffins.

The acorn is an ideal food. Acorns provide you with an exceptional nutritional value and have a tolerance for storage. Gathering, processing, leeching, and preparing acorns into flour is time consuming. In South Korea, these millstones were used to grind ingredients for foods. The acorns are hand selected, peeled, cleaned and ground by me.

Acorns make surprising dishes
Published In: SF Chronicle
April 29th 2013
Mark C. Anderson
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